Seeking a New Beginning
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This evening, we come to the end of iSOME-2014 which we’ll cherish forever.

Let me start by saying, simply, thank you. As the chairman of iSOME, I can’t image other words to express my mood at this moment. It is a great privilege for me to have a chance to organize iSOME-2014. There are more than 50 leading scientists and nearly 200 participants who are from leading universities and research institutions in America, U.K., Singapore, Italy, Hongkong and Mainland China. And we received more than 100 abstracts and 70 posters for this meeting. It’s also the first time for us to award those nice posters.

Through this symposium, we learn more about the forefront advancement in the fields of optoelectronics, materials and energy with over 40 fantastic lectures. These talks are not only full of innovation concept but also rich in application potential, such as the latest progress in optoelectronic materials application in the fields of information displays, renewable energies, biomedical medicine, and optoelectronic devices, including semiconductor materials, either inorganic or organic upconversion luminescent nanocrystals, 0D 1D and 2D nanomaterials, conjugated polymers, and phosphorescence complexes. What’s more, there are relevant lectures about molecular devices, laser cooling, exiton transport processes in perovskite solar cells and so on, and so forth.

As researchers, we all search for opportunities to do things better, to make things happen and to change the world. Thank you for giving us such precious and enjoyable talks to thesymposium!

I often share my views with my colleagues that there must be a sustained effort to listen to each other; to learn from each other; to respect each other; and to seek common ground. Nowadays, globalization is giving us more opportunities to work cooperatively and much more possibility to pursue synergetic innovation. Although we are shaped by every culture, drawn from every end of the earth, and dedicated to a simple concept: “Out of many, one.” That’s also the spirit of synergetic innovation. In the system of synergetic innovation, we care about each other, we cherish freedom, and we seek truth. And it should be aspired.

In retrospect, we are delighted with the growing of our cooperation, the deepening of our friendship during the last decade. Based on this, we could seek a new start to structure synergetic innovation in the future, such as building first-class innovation platform, gathering first-class innovation team, gathering all kinds of innovative elements and effective resources with the purpose of optimizing the conditions and environment for innovating and cultivating top creative talents; to achieve great research findings and results; to promote the trinity research innovation ability of talents, disciplines, and sciences.

Early in the afternoon, Prof. Fred Wudl became a Visiting Professor of NanjingTech, and Prof. Chad Mirkin will also join NanjingTech tomorrow morning. We believe that Prof. Fred Wudl and Prof. Chad Mirkin will find some new points of growth, guide our staff and students the new direction of development and open up broader space for progress.

As I mentioned to the news media yesterday, the 20th Century is the century of Electricity and Silicon while the 21st Century is the century of Light and Carbon. In the field of materials science, it is the revolutionary breakthrough, the invention of semiconductor transistor which is mainly made from Silicon that made the great technical progress, the fast development of the modern society in the last century. At present, Carbon materials are playing more significant roles in our lives. In 2010, two scientists from university of Manchester won the Nobel Prize in physics owing to their pioneering contribution in the research of grapheme, which is somehow one of the evidences of my statement.

For everyone here, researchers working in the areas of Materials, the 21st Century means challenges and opportunities. We should constantly try to catch the chance of higher-level international cooperation partner in the world. We need to make every one of us to really get a sense of chance and work hard.

I am really grateful for all your coming and contribution to the symposium.


Once again, thank you very much for your coming to iSOME-2014! We are looking forward to seeing you again in Nanjing.